Does PAC Have A Statement of Beliefs?

PAC is not primarily a theological tribe. Nevertheless, we believe shared, sound, Biblical doctrine is important for deep, long-term camaraderie among pastors. For this reason we felt it befitting to create a statement of faith. You can view our statement of beliefs here.

How does PAC interact with denominational affiliations?

Different people mean many different things when they use the term “denomination.” We define “denomination” as a recognized, autonomous branch of the Christian Church. Under this definition we are not a denomination. More clearly stated, PAC is self-selected group of local churches bound together by a commitment to common rhythms of health for lead pastors, and boundried by historic, orthodox Christian doctrine. For some partnering churches we are an affiliation in addition to their denominational ties, and for other partnering churches PAC is their primary affiliation. We want to be open enough that churches of many denominations can utilize our resources for the benefit of their pastors and congregation, and sturdy enough that a local church would be doctrinally safe and structurally sound affiliating with PAC as their primary association.

Ask yourself this question: “Is there a Biblically-qualified pastor outside of our church congregation who is pastoring, building-up, holding accountable, and guiding our lead pastor?” In our experience many denominations claim to be doing this, but it’s not happening. In our experience many friends of the pastor claim to be doing this, but it’s not really happening. Maybe you say you’re doing this, but ask yourself, is it really happening?

PAC is a turn-key Human Resource structure for the long-term health of your key leader and your congregation. By joining PAC you make an essential investment into your lead pastor, and you lay the foundation for your church to be served by a healthier pastor for a longer period of time. If the research is true (that 42% of lead pastors considered quitting the ministry in 2021/22 – Barna Study) what are you proactively doing to defend against leadership turnover in the most critical human leadership role in your church? If your pastor was to burn-out (exhaustion), bow-out (disqualifying sin), or tap-out (suicide) in the next 5 years, you will want to be able to say to yourself and your community that your governing body did everything in its power to ensure your lead pastor was healthy and whole. The expense of PAC is a small token compared to the financial, emotional, and organizational expense of losing a lead pastor. We believe our wraparound care will keep pastors healthier, happier, and serving in their churches longer than would be possible without this essential human resource. Stability with your lead pastor will be a long-term win for your church in almost every way.

PAC is an extension of the ministry of Jeremy Rose and The Axis Church. Since 2010 Pastor Jeremy has been gathering pastors and church leaders from various denominations and Christian traditions for Third Thursday (3RD THR) gatherings which aim at gospel encouragement, soul care for church leaders, and the sharing of hard-won wisdom for joy-filled endurance in church leadership. In many ways the spirit of PAC has been born from the experienced-camaraderie of this group of pastors in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. We’ve tasted and seen the effects of this type of pastoral-community, and — with PAC — we aim to create an even deeper community while also sharing this with other pastors who do not yet have this type of support.

Like any church, The Axis Church has its own theological distinctives which she holds tightly and joyfully. This being true, the aim with PAC is different from the aim of nearly all of the other ministries that flow from the church. Therefore, while The Axis Church holds firmly to convictions as it regards ministry in the local congregation, the leaders choose to lay aside secondary and tertiary issues of Christian doctrine as it regards their ability to enjoy full-fellowship with other PAC pastors who hold different convictions on second and third-tier issues. 

It can be distilled down to this: PAC exists to help pastors find joy, rest, and fun in life, family, and ministry. Pastors are burning-out (exhaustion), bowing-out (disqualifying sin), and tapping-out (suicide), therefore we exist so that pastors can better run their race with joy, and finish their race according to God’s good will for their lives. Pastors are not quitting and killing themselves because of their beliefs around eschatology, women in ministry, or the handful of other second and third tier issues — rather — pastors are quitting and killing themselves because they feel alone, afraid, heartbroken, joyless, and completely overwhelmed by the task at hand. They don’t feel that others know what they’re going through and therefore they have no one they believe they can talk to about their personal, professional, and pastoral struggles.

PAC doesn’t exist to change a pastor’s theology. PAC exists to change a pastor’s future.

Because of this mission, we hold tightly to the core tenants of the Christian faith as expressed in the Apostle’s Creed, and we practice a gracious, humble posture of Christian love and charity to our partnering pastors whose convictions on secondary and tertiary doctrines differ from our own. Our official belief statement is available upon request.   

Our long-term vision for PAC is to incubate it under The Axis Church and eventually launch it as a separate 501c3 entity apart from The Axis Church. In the near-term we are gathering PAC Partner Pastors and Churches, building a sustainable and scalable organizational structure, creating a PAC leadership team composed of pastors from a variety of churches, and working to prove our concept that this type of support will change the lives of pastors.

The leadership of PAC is not explicitly Complementarian or Egalitarian, and we do not consider this particular doctrine a reason to break fellowship with pastors and churches as it relates to the purpose of PAC. In our PAC community of pastors and churches we have pastors and churches who believe and exercise both doctrines in their local churches. We do, however, clarify that PAC specifically and exclusively partners with male lead pastors because we are not properly equipped nor particularly called to support female lead pastors. While this is our focused mission, we joyfully partner with male lead pastors and churches who have female pastors as part of their leadership team.

We believe the Biblical qualifications for a pastor are outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. A lead pastor who is persistently living in a manner that is out of alignment with these qualifications would not be welcomed into PAC partnership.