Camaraderie + Friendship.

Shared Resources.

Spiritual + Mental Health.

Leadership Development.

Missional Strategy.

One: Camaraderie + Friendship

Pastoring is a unique vocation in that one of the main objectives is community-building, nevertheless many pastors feel alone even as they are the primary ones laboring to build the community. We believe that the uniqueness of the vocation requires that we have a camaraderie of other pastors who are sharing our own experiences.

As pastors we experience deep refreshment through being loved, cared for, listened to, encouraged, and counseled by other pastors who are familiar with the same joys and pains that we experience in the work of ministry.

Two: Shared Resources

We’re pastors too, and so we know the nuts and bolts of cultivating the organized church can be overwhelming. One of the benefits of PAC is access for the entire ministry team to a shared library of resources meaning you can benefit from the work already done by other PAC churches.

PAC Pastors and their ministry teams will have access to our library of resources which includes graphic design, systems + processes, HR documents, and vital language pertaining to Biblical themes and cultural issues. All documents can be edited to meet your church’s needs. Think of it like having an additional staff member.

PAC Resource Library Video

Three: Mental + Spiritual Health

As pastors our inward spiritual health is more important than our outward ministry activity. The difficulty is that very few people applaud the internal work of delighting in God and nearly everyone will praise our outward ministry activity. Having an outward ministry life that outpaces our internal spiritual health is unhealthy, unsustainable, and will likely lead to burnout. We believe emotional and spiritual health – in step with the Holy Spirit – are core components to a pastor leaving a legacy of a lifetime of faithful gospel ministry.

Four: Leadership Development

Leadership development is a crucial component in a healthy church. The weight of the church community is too much for one man, and we need to be constantly developing other men to help us shoulder the holy concern of caring for Christ’s bride.

That being said, taking a man from being a sheep to being a shepherd is an involved and time-intensive task amidst the other daily responsibilities of pastoring. PAC executes on this pillar by inviting a key leader from all PAC churches to participate in our annual Pastoral Leadership Collective (PLC) ministry track.

Since 2017 PLC has graduated 19 pastors and ministry leaders, and now this leadership track is available to all PAC Churches. Through the PLC, PAC will begin to support its partnered churches by developing an army of leaders from within each local congregation.

View the PLC Syllabus

Five: Missional Strategy

We envision PAC being a collection of churches and pastors from a wide variety of contexts. We want to learn from each other, and spur one another on as we engage in the unique contexts God has placed us. Churches in similar contexts can share what has and hasn’t worked for them, and churches from different contexts will help one another think outside the box in terms of reaching those who do not yet know Jesus.